Meantime Lyrics - Unjust

Release information
Release Date: 2003-4-29
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 4:14

The Painted Curtain of this Shadowy road
Hate disguises the mounting loss
A family left crying
For their dying love
Fake replaces the shadows of real
In this land of cause

Join me for the years…
Join us for the tears…
In the meantime come let me keep in mind
How I see you

Lose your breath…in the sights of the empty walls
In these sheets that are frozen
Drifting faces, the sounds of the vacant stalls
I can’t share with you
No matter what you got
Licking flowers for the short-lived cure
Soon this lone expedition is leaving
So come again! Come again!

The light is waiting
The life is Glow!!!
Ever Sleep…

Are we helpless, Are we fabled
Can we find this, Golden Fable?
Where are you now!!! Where are we now!!!
I Keep calling, no receivers
Distant answers, getting fewer

Where are you now!!! Where are we now!!!
Drifting faces… Getting near
Situations…Getting Clearer
In the lapse of time…
One more moment to…
Breathe (glow) with you… Breathe (glow) with you…
Breathe (glow) with you… Breathe (glow) with you…

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