Who Sang Now and Forever? Unmoored

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length: 5:03
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Black at heart
Full of f****** affliction
The purest of all evil's in me
Sacred ash
Nothing but an addiction
Just how I set my enmity free
White dressed face
Razor blade's my religion
Tipping tombstones over's my kind of fun
Won't say grace
I'm a sucker for woodlands
I love to turn my cross upside down
Behind trees I hide
In snow-white forest pride
I'm one with all that interlinks us to the other side

Grim as Hell
Shedding blood in the moonlight
On both my arms the blade leaves its scars
Can't you tell
It is almost at midnight
The time of day our portal unbars
Night in candle flames
Things won't be the same again, never ever
Night in candle flames
What is yet to be is now and forever

CD 1
  • 1 Trendmade Bitch
  • 2 Now and Forever
  • 3 Down at Zero
  • 4 Blood by Tragedy
  • 5 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • 6 Warsong
  • 7 Solution .45
  • 8 Final State

  • Release information
    label: Pulverised Records
    format: CD
    script: Latin