Who Sang The Gate? Unorthodox

Release information
Release Date: 1994
length: 5:12
Seeking Life
Fear of Fate
I can't decide
I can't relate
You open the gate
Now it's too late
Feeling so condemined
Release this state I'm in
So alone and lifeless
Reach out and pray
For a better day
God shed
A tear for you
God bled
For higher truth
Truth of this hell
Which no one can tell
Feeling much too proud
Won't help you right now
I'm a world far away
Send down, send today
Bridges are gone
The gates have been drawn
Our love for your songs
Don't leave us
(Repeat 1 st verse)

CD 1
  • 1 Junkie
  • 2 To Kill a Monster
  • 3 Peacemaker
  • 4 Well Aware
  • 5 Lost in Tomorrow
  • 6 Maimned and Slaughtered
  • 7 The Zombie Dance
  • 8 Standstill
  • 9 Price of Life
  • 10 The Gate
  • 11 Motherless
  • 12 Unorthodox