Who Sang Diary? Useless ID

Release information
Release Date: 2003-2-17
Genre: Rock
Style: Pop Punk/Punk
length: 2:19
It's a weekday and I cleaned my room again,
Of endless moments I thought we once shared.
An open book, read every single page.
Naive enough to think that help is on the way.
Rise and shine a day awaits,
Watching clear skies turn to grey.
It's a dead end road and I want out.
There's no return.
Let me know when will it end?
If only you were my only friend, Id be fine.
A direction split right from the start.
I'm picking up the pieces to this broken heart.
Move over and make room for someone else.
Mabye a smile will find itself right on your face agian.
Another empty sleeping bag. A broken speaker plays out loud.
An Elliot Smith song for those who can't move on and on.
A tour to write you home about of how I'm doing. Pretty sad.
You're not here and all my letters are lost in the mailbox for good

CD 1
  • 1 Same Story, Someone New
  • 2 Worst Holiday I Ever Had
  • 3 Bring Me Down
  • 4 My Therapy
  • 5 Jukebox 86
  • 6 Too Late to Start Over
  • 7 Unhappy Hour
  • 8 Birthday Song
  • 9 Crush
  • 10 Weird Rock
  • 11 Stuck Without a Ride
  • 12 Diary
  • 13 At Least I Tried
  • 14 End
  • 15 Talk