Who Sang Teeo? Vadoinmessico

Vadoinmessico Archaeology of the Future cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-3-26
length: 3:51
I'm leaving my house by the side of the river
Another summer is going by as shiny as a treasure
Dawn is ready to begin and the audience is clapping
They don't know where at night the sun goes hiding

Now the people start coming back
With brand new souls in brand new bags
Everybody can see sun on top of the hill
But they forget last night how far he ran away

I see the light slowly coming closer
Or is all the rest moving faster than was before?

I'm always blaming myself for the lack of attention
But never wanted to go for the other direction
Now that I'm about to go away
Rome will look at me until I fade

Everybody please wait for me here by the river
And then forget that I have ever gone away
I feel the day always getting closer
Or am I growing faster than ever before?

CD 1
  • 1 Archaeology of the Future
  • 2 Pepita, Queen of the Animals
  • 3 Teeo
  • 4 In Spain
  • 5 Curling Up Your Spine
  • 6 The Adventure of a Diver
  • 7 Me, Desert
  • 8 Fleur Le Tue
  • 9 Notional Towns
  • 10 The Colours Are Strange
  • 11 Pond
  • 12 Cave
  • 13 Solau
  • 14 [untitled]