Who Sang Die to Live? Valeria

Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 5:13
Don´t blame more, i never wanted this to me
to me, dying has been living
now from these immortal eyes
is sheeding drops of blood
because i can´t live withot that taste
Don´t blame me for dwelling in death
now my new nature calims it
i don´t want this anymore
i would like to die

My cry blind my sight
my heart claims for your blood
touch my cold pale hand
understan me
have you ever asked, if i had feelings?
have you ever asked, if i felt in love
have you ever asked, why we exist?
I die to live

Because inside of me,
there is something that wants your life
i´m depressed to be like this
now i can´t stop my self
I was born in the darkness
into an eternal nightmare
i can´t reflec on my soul

I would like to die¡¡

CD 1
  • 1 Loneliness
  • 2 Ashes
  • 3 Die to Live
  • 4 Black Tears
  • 5 Why Hide
  • 6 Dying Walker
  • 7 To My Better Dream
  • 8 Fairytale
  • 9 Into the Nightfall
  • 10 Storm of Shadows
  • 11 The Meeting
  • 12 Spirits