Who Sang Fairytale? Valeria

Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 5:26
One dream an illusion the being that i can´t see
sometimes ask me the meaning of your mystery
which feltin my entrails gloomy and sad
You have touched my mind
and with your hands caressed my dead heart
the magic touch of your look hypnotized me
your angelical voice lightned my fall
i would like to lose and to forget all

I´d like to feel that kiss
that marked our meeting with the night
where the moon showed us what love is
i yearn to go back to your languid arms
where i felt with dismay thoughts
where your shadow illuminates my soul

Everything dies and i grow up my darkeness
but one light will always shine for you
the pain envelops me when i leave those arms
which tied me in a dream
.....and it will shine for you...

At night i wake up there tears in y eyelids
in my world the silence muliplies
i scream to the wind my rage
for this loneliness again

...for this loneliness...

I look at my window it reflects your face
your ghost appears in front of me, and i sob again
i close my eyes but you´re still there
with your languid and quiet image
is waiting for me, my fairy
...caroline .----caroline

Your shadow and mine are seeking for our love
making this farewell so cruel

There is cold in my path paved with icy tears
the dagger of your farewell hurts me and makes me die

My fairy: my question is: is this the end of our tale?
night: do you takes me into the mystery of your eternity?
my fairy i always remember your embrace
i will light a candle and through the flame
i will dry my tears that drew your face
goodbye ny eternal fairy


CD 1
  • 1 Loneliness
  • 2 Ashes
  • 3 Die to Live
  • 4 Black Tears
  • 5 Why Hide
  • 6 Dying Walker
  • 7 To My Better Dream
  • 8 Fairytale
  • 9 Into the Nightfall
  • 10 Storm of Shadows
  • 11 The Meeting
  • 12 Spirits