Who Sang The Meeting? Valeria

Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 3:47
You show all the fear of your pasion that hurts me
my thoughs flying to those memories that you left
now you seeking peace inside of you without an answer
i tried to tell you something but my feellings betrayed me
All this time in the sunrise of your dark look and in your mind
your mouth murmur my name and i feel dying
all this cloudiness surrounds me and blinds my hopes
when i lift the veil from your face, and i watch how you die
I hear voices that guide me to your meeting
all turns gray and i can´t see your spectral silhouette
my hands try to feel you but it´s a mirage in the desert
ans i´ll try to go with you even my body is now dead

CD 1
  • 1 Loneliness
  • 2 Ashes
  • 3 Die to Live
  • 4 Black Tears
  • 5 Why Hide
  • 6 Dying Walker
  • 7 To My Better Dream
  • 8 Fairytale
  • 9 Into the Nightfall
  • 10 Storm of Shadows
  • 11 The Meeting
  • 12 Spirits