Who Sang Gillionaire? Valient Thorr

Release information
Release Date: 2010-9-14
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal
length: 3:02
Buy me this, buy me that
you don't exist
your time is
running out
you're an extinct


What do you got when you got it all?
Nothing! Nothing! NOTHING!
What you gonna do with all that stuff
you bought? Gold.
And all that s___

Here on my throne of pearls and neckties
It's hard to sympathize
With money in the bank and bloodshot eyes
I see no reason to compromise

Yeah, gotta get it, gotta get it

Yeah, gotta get it 'cause I want it
I'm gonna get it 'cause I need it

Show me this, show me that
I'm not impressed
Your time is
running out
Who do you think
Killed ya?


Who do you love When you love the one(?)
No One!No One!NO ONE!
Who's gonna pay for all this stuff?
you're broke. Dead
And all that s___

You don't exist. You are not alive
You don't exist. It's how I feel inside
YOu don't exist. You are not alive
You don't exist. Get out of my life

Buy Me this. Buy me that
You don't exist
But, I need it. I really need it.
Oh, I need it. I really need it.
I need it!

CD 1
  • 1 Gillionaire
  • 2 Sleeper Awakes
  • 3 Disappearer
  • 4 Double Crossed
  • 5 Night Terrors
  • 6 Sudden Death Is Nothing
  • 7 Woman In The Woods
  • 8 Vision Quest
  • 9 Habituary
  • 10 The Recognition
  • 11 Without Hope, Without Fear
  • 12 Future Humans