Who Sang Chasing the Moral's Luxury? Valinor

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length: 5:36
You've never said the world till its end
Always afraid of disappointment
And the lack of light
You've been waiting for forgetting
Chasing the moral's luxury
You establish yourself in the narrow frames
You think that love has deceived you
But you haven't even experienced it
You reckon it's too late to catch its wings
Remember it is yet early dawn
It seems to you like you loved remembrance
But it dispise you
'Cause the future is its sister
And tim is servant too.

  • 1 God or god?
  • 2 In the Mist... Part I
  • 3 The World and the Dream
  • 4 It Is Night
  • 5 In the Mist... Part II
  • 6 In the Mist... Part III
  • 7 Chasing the Moral's Luxury
  • 8 Falseness and Struggle
  • 9 Your Love

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    script: Latin