Who Sang Falseness and Struggle? Valinor

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length: 3:49
Chasing the moral's luxury
You establish yourself in the narrow frames
That you're higher whitout saying divine
After all, you're still afraid of something
You fell the flow thoghtlessly
Although it is the wind's noise only
It's not even the deep breath
However, you're still building up
Never access the losing thought to your mind
Having killed them before they're born
You push them away and compress unawares
Until your conscience will brust out
You're keen to be tried sometimes
But never ascend antything pure
You have never discovered the gold
That you only wanted to touch
You think that your belief is enough
However, yours can set the little fire
Artificial is the world
In which you tend to wade.

  • 1 God or god?
  • 2 In the Mist... Part I
  • 3 The World and the Dream
  • 4 It Is Night
  • 5 In the Mist... Part II
  • 6 In the Mist... Part III
  • 7 Chasing the Moral's Luxury
  • 8 Falseness and Struggle
  • 9 Your Love

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    script: Latin