Who Sang The World and the Dream? Valinor

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length: 5:34
Tanks for the sound
They're both bread and water, sea and land, soil and air,
Cry and laughter, sigh sometimes,
God and human
Thanks for the violin, for guitar and flute
I wish I were the master of song
The master of muses
The Muse pay the homage
As I raise my fist
Play with me
And sing with me
Be my guitar
Not the note's victim
I draw the world of smell
The colour's world
I beg the rose not to p**** strong
I won't give you to the tistles
The rose the holy canary
I ascend and you will create
One of the miracles with me
I wish I were the flower
The little, seen as large thought,
The world of shadow
The world of the abyss
The world of the light
The earth full of sin
The mother of lechery
Hit my conscience
Beat my soul

  • 1 God or god?
  • 2 In the Mist... Part I
  • 3 The World and the Dream
  • 4 It Is Night
  • 5 In the Mist... Part II
  • 6 In the Mist... Part III
  • 7 Chasing the Moral's Luxury
  • 8 Falseness and Struggle
  • 9 Your Love

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    script: Latin