Who Sang Your Love? Valinor

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length: 6:42
Your love
Is supposed to be
The model one
However it's hard to find
All over the world
Will my life continue
Only for this seductive smell
As I am still
Atraid at love
I'm supposed to wait
For this trivial
Thought perfect
Creature of God's emptiness
Who am I for you Lord?
I can't understand
Do I have to belive
In your love while being
Drowned like stone
In the world at moral stench
I'm runnig faster towards
The aim althought
The one is unknow
And who could I become
Without you, God?
I don't want to leave
Despite the fact you
I don't want to leave
Do care about every sheeps.

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  • 7 Chasing the Moral's Luxury
  • 8 Falseness and Struggle
  • 9 Your Love

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    script: Latin