Who Sang Warrior? Vampyr

Release information
Release Date: 1985
length: 3:49
Easing From Pain And Destruction Of Being The Fear Rises Up To Highpoint
Out In The Forest Where Various Bushes The Fright Is Creeping Through Night
Run, Yell, Cry Flee, Stare Once Again
Warrior Kill The Beast, Try Again
Killin' And Rapin' Destroying And Hated He's Doing Ones Foul Work
He's Greeding For Blood Of The Women He's Breeding An Alien Kind Of Life
You're Losing, And Faulting, And Bearing The Load On Your Back
To A Place To Which You Have Never Been As Long As You're
Wandering And Looking For Victims Their Blood On Your Hands
Never Leads Out For d***ation

12" Vinyl 1
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