Who Sang A Foggy Day? Van Morrison

Van Morrison Versatile cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2017-12-1
length: 3:34
producer: Van Morrison
mixer: Gerry McLernon and Enda Walsh
recording engineer: Enda Walsh
drums (drum set): Jeff Lardner
vocal: Van Morrison
keyboard: Paul Moran
membranophone: Jeff Lardner
bass: Paul Moore
electric guitar: Dave Keary
tenor saxophone: Chris White
trombone: Alistair White
composer: George Gershwin
lyricist: Ira Gershwin
A foggy day down in London town
Had me low, had me down
I viewed the morning with too much alarm
Trafalgar Square seemed to lose all its charm

How long, I wonder, could this thing last?
But the age of miracles had not passed
Well, suddenly, I saw you standing there
And in foggy London town the sun kept shining every, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere

A foggy day in London town
Had me feelin' low, baby I was feelin' so down
And I viewed the morning, viewed the morning with alarm
The British Museum, British Museum seem to lose all its charm

How long, I wonder, will this thing last?
For the age of miracles, thank god hadn't passed when
Suddenly, I saw you right there
And in foggy London town the sun kept shining everywhere

Well that Notting Hill sac
In Berkeley Square
Notting Hill sac yeah
Berkeley Square
Notting Hill sac, in Berkeley Square, oh foggy day

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