Who Sang Vision 13teen: Stone Roses Edge? Vanden Plas

Vanden Plas Chronicles of the Immortals: Netherworld II cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-11-6
length: 6:39
producer: Markus Teske
membranophone: Andreas Lill
lead vocals: Andy Kuntz
mixer: Markus Teske
recording engineer: Markus Teske
background vocals: Christian Köbler and Manuel Lotschütz
guitar: Stephan Lill
keyboard: Günter Werno
choir vocals: Johannes Zimnol, Ines Pawlowski, Christian Köbler, Sarah Bohnert, Heike Dechert, Julia Hach, Stephan Hugo, Lisana Hunsinger, Jutta Mitschke and Charlotte Seeger
additional recording engineer: Günter Werno
bass guitar: Torsten Reichert
lyricist: Andy Kuntz
composer: Stephan Lill
See all the restless souls on a secret mission
Troopers with impure hearts - ungodly editions

I'm the architect of gods
Sent a thousand eerie fictions
My creation is a pantheon in the house of Sheol
This heretic place of might
Can fulfill the new predictions
I will start the apotheosis tonight

Midway through the dark
You're sentenced to die
If you'll not fulfill divine

Bring the light
From the stairway under the sun
There's a place where souls getting lost
At the edge of the world

Down a shaft below the streets
In the abyss of the twilight
Lies a place where all the roses turn to stone
Upstream on Elivagar
Where the hourglass was flooded
You can find a pier and open up the gates

So free them now
But soon to return
To save them all love must burn

Bring the light
From the stairway under the sun
There's a place where you can be God
Called stone roses edge

Mementos reloading your brain
All seaways there look the same
For a few silverpieces you can buy the end

So save all your victims
Kill all the saints
And burn down their promised land

Bring the light
From the stairway under the sun
Can you save them today?
From the stairway under the sun
Freyr - Find a way
There's a place where you can be God
At stone roses edge

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  • 3 Vision 13teen: Stone Roses Edge
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