Who Sang Vision 15teen: Monster? Vanden Plas

Vanden Plas Chronicles of the Immortals: Netherworld II cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-11-6
length: 7:41
producer: Markus Teske
membranophone: Andreas Lill
lead vocals: Andy Kuntz
mixer: Markus Teske
recording engineer: Markus Teske
background vocals: Christian Köbler and Manuel Lotschütz
guitar: Stephan Lill
guest: Falk Leidemer
keyboard: Günter Werno
choir vocals: Heike Dechert, Julia Hach, Stephan Hugo, Lisana Hunsinger, Jutta Mitschke, Ines Pawlowski, Charlotte Seeger, Johannes Zimnol, Christian Köbler and Sarah Bohnert
additional recording engineer: Günter Werno
bass guitar: Torsten Reichert
lyricist: Andy Kuntz
composer: Andy Kuntz, Stephan Lill
There's something I need to know
Show me the source of my soul
The devil's mirror from another universe
Can prove the innocence within all mankind's soul
So tell me what I need to know

Are you a monster? Are you a saint?
Some kind of vampyre?


Please, mirror, tell me a lie
You will have no second try
My only hope that you're not telling me the truth
Or all will end up in tears
The devil's hungry and he wants to let it end
He's waiting to suck out my soul right here

Are you a monster? Are you a saint?
Some kind of vampyre?

(x3) Monster!

There's a fleck on my soul and it forces me to lie
Something's inside of me that I cannot deny
I'm not pure in my heart, but there is something I know
I'm trespassing the netherworlds just to find love
My true love and my son I once buried alive
Any price I would pay
To meet you - to meet you again

I am a monster - I'm not a saint
Some kind of vampyre

In the subfloors of my soul
Are no lies nor cheat or fraud

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