Who Sang Vision 1ne? Vanden Plas

Vanden Plas Chronicles of the Immortals: Netherworld cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-2-25
length: 3:52
producer: Vanden Plas
membranophone: Andreas Lill
lead vocals: Andy Kuntz
mixer: Markus Teske
recording engineer: Markus Teske
arranger: Vanden Plas
background vocals: Christian Köbler and Manuel Lotschütz
guitar: Stephan Lill
keyboard: Günter Werno
co-producer: Markus Teske
choir vocals: Stephan Hugo, Christian Köbler, Heike Dechert, Ines Pawlowski, Johannes Zimnol, Julia Hach, Jutta Mitschke, Lisana Hunsinger and Sarah Bohnert
additional recording engineer: Günter Werno
bass guitar: Torsten Reichert
composer: Andreas Lill, Günter Werno, Andy Kuntz
lyricist: Andy Kuntz
Suddenly, he finds himself between the fronts of two worlds, in the middle of the eternal raging war between Heaven and unending Darkness. Archaic beings from the enemy legions seize possession of him, telling tales of godly temptation, lost love, the forgotten souls of children, and of a key to the way out of the Netherworld.

But which is a ghost light, and which is true illumination? Who of those around him really want to help, and who of them only seek to deceive and destroy him? He must choose which vision to follow. For in the end, the truth lies solely within him.

There's a fleck on my soul and it forces me to find
Something inside of me that I cannot deny
Haunting monsters - they are broken pieces of me
So I speak with their tongues of proceedings that cannot be foreseen
My visions have the virtue to creep into life
That's the price I will pay

CD 1
  • 1 Vision 1ne
  • 2 Vision 2wo: The Black Knight
  • 3 Vision 3hree: Godmaker
  • 4 Vision 4our: Misery Affection Prelude
  • 5 Vision 5ive: A Ghosts Requiem
  • 6 Vision 6ix: New Vampyre
  • 7 Vision 7even: The King and the Children of Lost World
  • 8 Vision 8ight: Misery Affection
  • 9 Vision 9ine: Soul Alliance
  • 10 Vision 10n: Inside