Vandroya - The Last Free Land 歌詞

length: 5:18
From the distant lands of east
Undefined hearts of beast
Marching against our faith
Run to desert
Far beyond the hills of sand are the gods
Crying and despair
Life has left this place

Be the unbreakable wall
The river that will wash away the fear of us all
The one guided by the light

Praise the power of the throne
We will dive into the storm (rise in glory!)
Liberty shall reign this night
Fight for this land until the sun and moon be aligned
Into the fire

She, the daughter of the moon
Begging to sun to do the undone
A new life born for unite
Eye of the light divine
Bearer of two crowns let it shine
The oracles in the sky

They blew above us
A reverse wind, a cruel power
Killing all the kings
Destroying the temple of the divine
Enslaving us forever