Who Sang Don’t Ask Why? Vanessa Hudgens

Release information
Release Date: 2008-6-25
Genre: Hip Hop Pop
Style: RnB/Swing
length: 3:11
producer: Dr. Luke and benny blanco
vocal: Vanessa Hudgens
mixer: John Hanes and Serban Ghenea
engineer: Emily Wright and Matt Beckley
additional producer: Matt Beckley
keyboard: benny blanco and Dr. Luke
programming: Dr. Luke and benny blanco
drums (drum set): Dr. Luke and benny blanco
bass guitar: Jack Daley
editor: Matt Beckley
assistant mixer: Tim Roberts
assistant editor: Sam Holland, Nick Banns and Tatiana Gottwald
writer: Cathy Dennis, Łukasz Gottwald, Beau Dozier
I remember the day I first met you
You really caught my attention
Didn't know I was looking for a rescue
I wasn't thinking that hard
Now and then I was there in the moment
I was ready for nothing
It doesn't mean that I really didn't love you
While I'm breaking your heart

Don't ask why
Before we get too close
Just let me say goodbye
It's easier this way
Don't ask why
Before you ask the question
And I die inside
Just let me walk away

I felt bad that I let my past hurt you
Cause I really didn't mean to
I was lost, I was lucky you found me
But it's got worse
Right now while you're looking right at me
The emotion's so scary
It doesn't mean that I really don't love you
When I'm making you hurt


And I want this more than ever
I wish there was another way
You see, my words can only hurt you
Till his shadow fades away


Just let me walk away


CD 1
  • 1 Last Night
  • 2 Identified
  • 3 First Bad Habit
  • 4 Hook It Up
  • 5 Don’t Ask Why
  • 6 Sneakernight
  • 7 Amazed
  • 8 Don’t Leave
  • 9 Paper Cut
  • 10 Party on the Moon
  • 11 Did It Ever Cross Your Mind
  • 12 Set It Off
  • 13 Committed
  • 14 Gone With the Wind
  • 15 Vulnerable