Who Sang Hook It Up? Vanessa Hudgens

Release information
Release Date: 2008-6-25
Genre: Hip Hop Pop
Style: RnB/Swing
length: 2:53
producer: Antonina Armato and Tim James
mixer: Paul Palmer and Steve Hammons
engineer: Nigel Lundemo and Steve Hammons
additional producer: Devrim Karaoğlu
writer: Antonina Armato, Tim James, Devrim Karaoğlu
Everybody likes a fiesta
Everybody wants to have fun
Bring a couple of friends and I'll bet'cha
They'll be hooking up with someone
Cause I'm tired of all the boys who don't like to dance
And if you don't like to dance, you don't stand a chance
So why you standing in the corner, with your arms all folded,
When you know, that she's ready to dance, right up on ya!

You got the money, money
She's got the hottie, body
We wanna party, party
Hook it all up!
You pick the song they're playing
She waits anticipating
All the while the DJ's saying
Hook it on up!

Hook it up baby
Get up

If you think you can just stand around, you're dreaming
It's gonna take a little bit more
To have a chance with me is a good reason
To mix it up right on the dance floor

Hell no,
We don't dance
Less we, don't stand a chance
Then we, pull up our pants,
And hit the dance floor baby

If you wanna chance, better
Get up and dance
Let your, hair really dance
In that case, stay at home, players only


Beat is dropping
There's no stopping
What could happen here tonight
Hook it up with my friends,
I'll hook you up with her friend
No one's gonna feel alone tonight.

[Chorus: x2]

They're saying Hannah'll hook it up
From Tanner hook it up
Yeah cause, we'll hook it up
Louie will hook it up
Bacon will hook it up
Victor will hook it up
Will hook it up

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