Who Sang Wayward? Vashti Bunyan

Vashti Bunyan Lookaftering cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-10-17
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk Rock/Ballad
length: 3:07
the one who's left behind
while the other one goes out to life
and comes back home to find
me sitting pretty happily
surrounded by a house
with cups in all their saucers
and not a bit of dust

days going by in clouds of flour and white washing
life getting lost in a world without end

I wanted to be the one
with road dust on my boots
and a single silver ear-ring
and a suitcase full of notes
and a band of wayward children
with their fathers left behind
all in their castles in their air
and houses in their land

lives getting lost in mending gaps in their fencing
all I ever wanted was a road without end

CD 1
  • 1 Lately
  • 2 Here Before
  • 3 Wayward
  • 4 Hidden
  • 5 Against the Sky
  • 6 Turning Backs
  • 7 If I Were
  • 8 Same But Different
  • 9 Brother
  • 10 Feet of Clay
  • 11 Wayward Hum