Who Sang I Follow? Veil

Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 8:53
Desolate path I follow, deep
To hearth of forest, it leads me
Trodden my great ones before me, I honor
Spirits and wolfcalls sorround me. I shiver
Snow falls, forest of life
Wind of Aryan, breathe deep
Land of ancient battles
Triumph of will
Trees glisten with blood of fallen
In the black of night, battleraven
Sign of Sunwheel pierces my soul

Life has now meaning to me
Uncestral quest, I follow, complete
Brithright, Heritage, Duty to Father
Son will follow, p***d, forever...

CD 1
  • 1 Suicide Winds
  • 2 Dirge
  • 3 I Follow
  • 4 Ea, Lord of the Depths
  • 5 Suicide Winds (reprise)
  • 6 Endless Night