Who Sang Baby's Gone Gone? Vells

Release information
Release Date: 2004-9-7
length: 3:48
Lyrics to Baby's Gone Gone :
Forever's on
And chance is long
And nothing comes
To call you wrong
You level mind
To all and all
Just like a window for me
Just leave your motions
Where we
Another plate before you
And still you reel
And turn blue
For rings and things

Your baby's gone mad
Your baby's done bad
She'll never look back
In bloom done soon boy
Full moon you swoon 'cause
Your wisest looks
But none to say
A witch will reckon
On your day
But given gold
Still melts away
Like willing wind and women
Cold eyed and full of fingers
An ebb and icy hollow
Despite your words
You follow

Your baby's gone mad
Your baby's gone bad
She'll never come back

Full moon you swoon
In bloom done soon

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