Who Sang Hello Medecina? Vells

Release information
Release Date: 2004-9-7
length: 2:47
Lyrics to Hello Medecina :
Hello medecina
You're the sweetest
Catch up battered hearts
And keep them beating
It's not the pain
That's been suffered sweetly
It's the way you believe
That when you're looking
From heaven's heights
You'll be laughing
And trying to see

Hello medecina
How I need ya
Things been low of late
And hard to be on

In the haze of the days
A still deep
In her southern eyes
As all the panes
Between the living
And dying go spilling
In the chill of the night
Hello medecina
Good to see ya
Blown back blackened kneecap
Nest of ninjas

I need the power
Of the purple mountains
Give me majesty
Alight my many-hued
Magic falcons and share
Of your wares with me
Cuande tomo mis pastillas
Voy a islas amarillas
Con las fruitas
De las dias
Llega luzas infinitas
Vida sin mis medecinas
Siempre sera abburida
Siempre sera abburida
Siempre sera abburida

So dull, so dull, so dull

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