Who Sang Hey Hey La La? Vells

Release information
Release Date: 2004-9-7
length: 3:54
Lyrics to Hey Hey La La :
Hey there's a wind
On the quay today
And hey I've been
Wasting away in my waiting
So don't slow the fan on the
Hey hey la la lady's comet
Come and come and sour
The hours of sun and ours
Make way la la lady
'cause a love has come to find
Your ways and gaze amazed

Babe we are more than you know
Na na new
And babe we've a glimmering
Glow to grow so
The nights they light up the sky
And they tell us everything's
The fates are smiles
They know we're high
"You gotta fight
For the love in your life"
So don't dwell or dally
With shades
'cause they're ghosts
And they're made of your gold
But they take and your sake
Is your own so own it
So own it
Hey hey la la lady's comet
Come on come encounter
Alpha salts in towers
Make way la la lady
'cause my love has come
To find a phase of days amazing

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