Who Sang In the Hours of Flowers? Vells

Release information
Release Date: 2004-9-7
length: 3:01
Lyrics to In The Hours Of Flowers :
annie won't you make me
and won't you break me off
wearing out our faces
all we do is talk and talk
heaven in a basement
where the kids don't walk
spirits in the casings
hear them knock and knock

down come the lovey laces
'round in a dovey daze
sound out the holy stasis
of languid lays
dally in the daylight
while the tendrils stalk
blowing on the bases
'til the timid balk
teases to be taken
we don't wear no locks
so my little lady
won't you take yours off
we go down we go in time
I wonder when I get mine
all's thunder
but that's just fine

all I see is the cocoa tea
all I see is the deep blue sea
all I see are the leafy greens
all I think of is you and me

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