Venerea - Dirty Little Old Brown Jersey Cow Lyrics

release date: 2003-2-12
length: 2:34
There's something wrong
with Rosabella
She's in a rut
and the grass ain't doing her good
The only problem is
she's overcome with sorrow
But it might be better tomorrow

Dirty little old brown Jersey cow
She's just a little cow

Rosie's bored cow disease is spreading
Like a cancer
No one knows how
No one has got the answer
As to why
Poor Rosie is a cow

Don't be sad or sorry
Don't be sad
Don't you worry
Don't be sad
You're better off than Rosie
Don't be sad at all

Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 2 Nothing Is Planned
  • 3 Late Show
  • 4 Beanstalk
  • 5 American Girl
  • 6 Asleep at the Wheel
  • 7 I Wanna Live in Outer Space
  • 8 I'm Not
  • 9 In God We Thrust
  • 10 Mysterious Mike
  • 11 Simple World
  • 12 Dirty Little Old Brown Jersey Cow
  • 13 Scratch
  • 14 Static Lice
  • 15 The Flame