Venerea - The Flame 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2003-2-12
length: 3:52
This night came fast
Thought it never would
Thought you'de be the last
I could cling to when things got hard
In true or false need
Tonight I have a fire
That I want you to feed

The more I drink
The more I burn
The waste of nuclear waste
We know but never learn
And your lips are bitter sweet
Like yesterday's wine
But I'm 1.000 miles behind

My fire
is licking you now
Will you put out or let it glow

Salt 'round the rim
I'll fill you to the brim
Fill you 'till you're as empty as me
I'll take you down
I'll bring you down
Untill we feel
We're lost and found
And at dawn when we awake
our illusions start to break
And the flame has turned to ash
We're not lovers
Hardly friends
Thrown out
This endeavour ends
We're yesterdays trash
Trash for the flame

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