Who Sang Human Dark Potential? Vengeance Rising

Release information
Release Date: 1992
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash/Speed Metal/Heavy Metal
length: 4:16

What is it that makes them snap?
Where was the line crossed at?

To see the face looking so docile
As they walk to their sentance of death

I see the human dark potential
This one's captured, how many are not?

Who removed all the locks?
Who could have known it was a time-bomb not just a clock?

To hear the madness of what's taken place
Stronger than fiction the facts slap the face

There's Human Dark Potential - Revealing itself everyday

One thing I know for sure is this
It matters just who you reach here in this city

Everywhere I go the papers say the same
Someone's good neighbor has flipped rabbid insane

I see it, Human Dark Potential
What crazy thoughts are going through peoples minds?

It matters what you do for Christ - all around you potential lies

Either light or darkness will fill the life of around you, which is it?

It is the human dark potential
Look what can happen when it's replaced by light

Dahmer, Ramirez - and their kind
Darwin and Marx, blind leading the blind

I was in Milwaukee in 1989
How I wish I'd led Jeffery to Christ

Realize, there's human dark potential
The man worked making candy

Only the lifted one free's the captive
The best psycology without Him produces death

CD 1
  • 1 Help Me
  • 2 The Damnation of Judas and the Salvation of the Thief
  • 3 Released Upon the Earth
  • 4 Human Dark Potential
  • 5 Instruments of Death
  • 6 Lest You Be Judged
  • 7 Out of Bounds
  • 8 Bishop of Souls
  • 9 Tion
  • 10 You Will Be Hated