Who Sang Tion? Vengeance Rising

Release information
Release Date: 1992
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash/Speed Metal/Heavy Metal
length: 3:02
'Cause that's what's important anyway
These are the words of the Most High God
Understand what He says
The rock below is solid so be sure you stand and you wont fall
Under the blows of the hypocrite, the cultist, or the law

Now I'm tired of hearing "the word's too big"
The Holy Spirit chose them all, move on

What it when you're given righteousness for sin
And you know you don't deserve it?
And how do you get in to God's family and then
You are a child of God? Before you weren't
And what's word for Holy that blows this notion of hypocrisy down
By the ignorant of doctrine?

These aren't Christian "e's"
Learn 'em better than your A,B,C,'s
In your mind cause them be
The Doctrines of Salvation

TION T.I.O.N. TION The Doctrines of Salvation

What do I mean you should of been damned but your
Freed due to what Christ has done for you?
Now sin is that we've fallen short of the glory so now report
How is it that you we're saved?
What is that there was a debt we couldn't pay
God paid to save our necks?
And what is it called, another word for forgiveness which we all
Needed to be Priests and Kings?
What is the term that God uses to confirm
That we are righteous to enter the kingdom?
And what is the point at which this all takes place?
And it is based on grace
And what describes faith in action, acknowledgement of sin
And that God alone can save you?
And what is the term that describes your new heart
That all must have in order to go to heaven?
And what is it called when you throw the old life off
Cause it offends the King of Kings?

TION T.I.O.N. TION The Doctrines of Salvation

CD 1
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  • 2 The Damnation of Judas and the Salvation of the Thief
  • 3 Released Upon the Earth
  • 4 Human Dark Potential
  • 5 Instruments of Death
  • 6 Lest You Be Judged
  • 7 Out of Bounds
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