Who Sang The Immortal? Venus

Venus Ordinary Existence cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998
length: 5:32
The darkness last forever
It will never die
Terror in my Mind
Depression hounding my soul
It visits Every Night
Praying for the Dawn
Rescued by the light
There's no Way Out
I Have nowhere to go
And Every Day is the same day
I'm completely Desperate
And Going Insane
Please God Help me, find my way Someone will say
Fighting Never Ends
All I Do Is Pray
Walk n' live forever
There's No one Who I Can Turn to
I'm All Alone And Blind
I'm Condemned by Fate
Eternal Suicide
I Won't be able to live
An ordinary Life
'Till I'm brought Back
From the other side

CD 1
  • 1 I'll Remember
  • 2 Like a Criminal
  • 3 Leaving the Night
  • 4 On My Own
  • 5 The Immortal
  • 6 Enemy
  • 7 Dream of Tomorrow
  • 8 Cold Hearted
  • 9 Ordinary Life