Who Sang I Believe You Believe It’s True? Versus You

Versus You This Is the Sinking cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Rock
length: 2:43
producer: Kai Stahlenberg and Versus You
recording engineer: Kai Stahlenberg
mixer: Kai Stahlenberg
composer: Eric Rosenfeld
lyricist: Eric Rosenfeld

I can't go where you've been
I can't say I want to
It's nothing you you want to talk about
I can't be the one you need to be yourself
Guess I fell victim to your lovely smile
I guess it's true 'cause you believe
I tried to believe you
I tried to be all yours
You told me that it's all I ever be
I know now that you're gone and
That I've been foolish to believe
A single word you've ever said
As you grow old, you're growing cold
I loved you then and I miss you now

CD 1
  • 1 Comme Ci Comme Ca
  • 2 Wrote You a Letter
  • 3 Loyalty
  • 4 I Believe You Believe It’s True
  • 5 The Hotel Room
  • 6 My Ghost
  • 7 Train
  • 8 Missing You
  • 9 Weak
  • 10 The Passing
  • 11 Difference
  • 12 Blank
  • 13 I Want to Go Back to the Summer Days in 1989