Who Sang The Passing? Versus You

Versus You This Is the Sinking cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Rock
length: 3:16
producer: Kai Stahlenberg and Versus You
recording engineer: Kai Stahlenberg
mixer: Kai Stahlenberg
composer: Eric Rosenfeld
lyricist: Eric Rosenfeld

So high that when you fall you might just break
So tired, oh God, your pity makes me sick!
Somehow your letter's missing 'I miss you's'
Tongue-tied, you were never someone to talk to
A compromise. When did we learn to be so wise?
I promise you I'll always wait for you
That night, after you let the cat out
You lied about the way you felt that night
Somehow we both knew it was your call
Tonight, in loving memory, I write
Complication: I wish, I wish you'd die alone

CD 1
  • 1 Comme Ci Comme Ca
  • 2 Wrote You a Letter
  • 3 Loyalty
  • 4 I Believe You Believe It’s True
  • 5 The Hotel Room
  • 6 My Ghost
  • 7 Train
  • 8 Missing You
  • 9 Weak
  • 10 The Passing
  • 11 Difference
  • 12 Blank
  • 13 I Want to Go Back to the Summer Days in 1989