Glossolalia Lyrics - Vic Chesnutt

Vic Chesnutt North Star Deserter cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-8-27
length: 3:33
i am a stranger
lurking alone in my own vicious wilderness
while the meat in my chest
squeezes and teases a hulking hunger
groping in motion
balance is but a shimmering notion
and lurching compelled
my soul in its special hell of wet mortal limits
perpetually thirsting

but i bask in a beautiful byproduct
from twisting torque of dichotomy
what my eyes do see
in this spilling, dead wicked desert
it dances
born of babble
is now raison d'etre for the rabble
i sing my soul
with tongue
a sword in the sunlight
thrashing and flashing

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