Who Sang Imperium Grotesque? Vindsval

Release information
Release Date: 1999-6-18
length: 7:35

Deep within the abyss of desolation
Far beneath the sheltering sun
Etherized light lies thick
Over the kingdom of fire

I am the prince of chaos
The master of misrule
Streams of blood are the veins
Of my imperium grotesque
The mountains are my towers
Sombre vaults my battleground

Realm of sorrow and despair
Perversion supreme

Total war is what I lust for
Absolute mayhem I will seed
My armies have no mercy
My legions will defeat

The dusk of life is my dawn
I wear the crown of fire
With malicious spirit I reign
Over my imperium grotesque

Abnormal as I am I seduce you - I swear I will keep you secure
Follow me blind like dumb little mice - Follow me, Follow me!

Ahaha you trusted me - Now you are one with my flesh
My overwhelming silhouette - will fascinate again!

  • 1 A Black Millenium Awakens
  • 2 Wanterkeelt
  • 3 Beholding the Glacial Empire
  • 4 Farewell, Odyssey and the Macabre
  • 5 Imperium Grotesque
  • 6 Rise of the Great Old One
  • 7 Nativity of Revenge
  • 8 Retaliation
  • 9 Shadows Fade
  • 10 Outroduction