Who Sang Nowhere Close to Home? Vodka Juniors

Release information
Release Date: 2007-12
length: 2:51
I've been walking for so long but still I'm nowhere close to home cause home is where the heart is and mine's with you. I got a place up in my head where the sun is waking up the dead and the sky is red so come on get me there. Sometimes I can feel the joy, then I get played like a toy, whatever happened to that boy? So come on pack me up, you know that I'm not coming back, don't talk to me unless you want to cheer me up. I don't know if I�m gonna forget her but I'm gonna have a good time and when the sun goes down I'll be hanging with my head up high. I've been walking south all day, I'm so excited on the way but just when I'm about to reach the end something always happens and it's messing with my head, oh no I'm doing circles again, back to where I started from. Sometimes I can feel the joy, then I get played like a toy, whatever happened to that boy? Story of my life, all in colors and in sounds but I got no regrets cause it's the journey that counts

CD 1
  • 1 Sailing On
  • 2 Whiskey and the Rain
  • 3 Blessed to Be Cursed
  • 4 Break the Silence
  • 5 Dreaming and Dreaming
  • 6 Endless Roads
  • 7 Music's All I Got
  • 8 Shadows in the Sunset
  • 9 Summer Rain
  • 10 Against the World
  • 11 Naked in the Rain
  • 12 Burn
  • 13 Of All the Things I've Lost
  • 14 Nowhere Close to Home
  • 15 Bedroom Catwalk
  • 16 Endless Night
  • 17 King of the Street
  • 18 Bottle of Hope
  • 19 I Wonder
  • 20 Princess
  • 21 Sleep
    CD 2
  • 1 Bong
  • 2 Hospital
  • 3 Rise Up
  • 4 The Masks Are Off
  • 5 No Religion
  • 6 Dub and Loud
  • 7 We're All Going to Hell
  • 8 Down South
  • 9 Revenge of the Dead
  • 10 Early Morning
  • 11 Color of Hate
  • 12 All by Myself
  • 13 Remember This Day
  • 14 Where Is My Life
  • 15 What Freedom
  • 16 Slow Down
  • 17 Gasoline

  • Release information
    label: Cannonball Records
    country(area): Greece
    format: CD
    script: Latin