Who Sang This One's for the Kids? Vodka Juniors

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Release Date: 2004
This one's for the kids that will never grow up. This pne's for the kids that never gonna stop. They won't conform, they never gonna fall, this fone's for the kids that want it all. Today is a good day can you feel it all? Leave all your problems outside the f****** door. The night is ours we deserve it all, so grab your boards and go to the show. Everyone thinks that you're against the whole world, but its true the whole world is against you. No f****** problem gonna trash it up tonight so don't be afraid cause I got news for you. I am right by your side making sure you won't fall down when the b******s come pushing you. So get up, come out. This story ain't for sure no Hollywood movie but I dare you its gonna have a Hollywood ending cause it takes much more than this to brings us down... Tomorrow will be better I can feel it so, no f****** worries to put me down. This night is ours we deserve it more, so grab your boards and go to the show...

CD 1
  • 1 Rollercoaster
  • 2 (If You're Gonna Run in Circles)... Do It in the Pit
  • 3 Crapwalk
  • 4 Disposable Youth
  • 5 Smash the Screen
  • 6 Beautiful World, Fucked Up People
  • 7 Hey Bastards...
  • 8 Hellcore
  • 9 Unconditional
  • 10 Basement Rats
  • 11 This One's for the Kids
  • 12 How the Fuck Are You Gonna Put Me Down Now?
  • 13 Get Your Hands Off Our Neighborhood
  • 14 Carefree Ways
  • 15 Terror Ltd.

  • Release information
    label: Playfalse Records
    country(area): Greece
    format: CD
    script: Latin