Who Sang Warrior? Vortex

Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 4:29

Step by step
One moment at the time
With patience
The moutain can be climbed
Body, mind and soul are a battlefield
Ripga has to be conquered
When the battle is over
Relative conditions are neutralized
With the sword of clear conscience
Illusions are transfixed
Not the absence of conflicts
But the way we face them
It's as well under our feet
As over our head
The kingdom to be conquered
The warrior's reward
Our absolute nature
Our sacred essence
Pain is a warning
Experience is a school
The universe is a path
The peaceful warrior's...

CD 1
  • 1 Lies and Illusions
  • 2 Chaos Will Bring a New World
  • 3 Imminence of Death
  • 4 As One Man Dies
  • 5 No Pain No Gain
  • 6 Our Last Horizon
  • 7 Does God Play Dice?
  • 8 Origines
  • 9 Relativity
  • 10 Warrior
  • 11 Remords
  • 12 Struggling Minds