Who Sang All In? W.L.A.K.

W.L.A.K. W.L.A.K. cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-3-5
length: 4:11
vocal: Dre Murray and Alex Faith

[Intro: Dre Murray]
Yeah, yeah
We live as kings

[Hook: Dre Murray]
Staring at my cards I got the best hand
Chips down face up and I'm all in
I'm all in, I'm all in
Tell 'em young boys that we all in
The King's who I'm reppin homie
Enemies fold like I got that weapon on me
I'm all in, I'm all in
Tell 'em young boys that we all in

[Verse 1: Alex Faith]
We say, welcome to the royal family
God is my Father do you really understand me? Huh?
He's really the best example, cuz' we can search the whole Earth
And only find a handful of righteous men
And I ain't talking kings of nations
I'm talking heads of households, fathers who are patient
The sacrificial husband who leads his wife in a loving way
And as the head knows he's responsible in every way
Wakes up and dies, plans the funeral every day
For the man this responsibility should carry weight
But, sadly it doesn't, Jacks in my royal flush madly in love with
The speech of a child, foolish words in his mouth
Compromise everywhere, its living in his house
And I ain't saying that we're perfect because we're fallen
The difference is we get back up because we're all in


[Verse 2: Dre Murray]
Flow is propane in its purest form
Delivery is like a dad seeing his son born
They burn my jersey on the ground like a team scorned
But I swear its not the heat, I'm just getting warm
Jewels in the crown that don't make a king
Just cause Lebron's at the helm, you don't got a team
They once told me I was living in the dream
Now its action, action they swear I'm tryna start a scene
This movement is so loud, neon
To infinity and beyond
The royal family, this world can't handle we
Cause they can't see us from this planet that we be on
In it not of it, visitin' don't love it
In the end we in the zone, high steppin' like Deion
Yeah, celebratin' with the rock
For a very long time cause the party don't stop


[Verse 3: Alex and Dre]
Dipped in blood, full of love, resolute we never budge
Real king bended knee, I'm telling yall He far above
Bets be faith high, pride low we die
Everyday guillotine, heads roll no lie
Got a full house over here call my bluff
Chips lookin low, I don't think you got enough
Nah, you ain't got enough, no betting against the team
Yea the dealer cut a deal, my hand is pretty mean, errrr!
But still way above the mean
And the deck extra tight, ain't no getting in between
No breaking up the fam, tight knit to the seam
When you see the poker face, know you staring at a king
You staring at a king!
See the poker face, know you staring at a king!!


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