Who Sang King in Me? W.L.A.K.

W.L.A.K. W.L.A.K. cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-3-5
length: 5:38
vocal: Swoope and Christon Gray

[Hook: Swoope]
I don't care what they think of me
I'm standing here with this King in me
I'm gon' become what I dream to be
I'm standing here with this King in me
The sky's what the limit is
Can't nobody tell me different
I'm alive and I'm living here
I'm standing here with this King in me

[Verse 1: Swoope]
I am living in that nation
That thrives on limitation
Bucket full of crustacean is more like they implication
The image that I'm made in is more than my invitation
To life not to existence thats more than my vindication
You don't know what I've been through thats more for my information
I've survived what I've been through I'm more than my situation
So I'm confident in that this is more than my indignation
I'm trusting the creator He's more than an illustration
Only real by the real man I'm bored with the imitation
I'm a king simple as that, He's the Lord of sophistication
He's the King simple as that and that throne will never be vacant
Yea He's manning that station not like Manning in Peyton
My Father's Liam Neeson His children never get Taken
So what I got to fear when I'm here with the rock of ages
Homie stop the hatin my faith will never be shaken
I'm trusting in the King and the King will never be Satan


[Verse 2: Swoope]
This got the making of some epicness
Yea, I'm finna show y'all what epic is
Instead of treating the riches we got as poor
We was killing it for the Lord
I show y'all what wreckage is
Cold answer the Christ of Heaven
The lion and the lamb ferocious, precious genetics
Our D.N.A. is that we can say He is with us
Who cares whos up against us
Theres nothing that we should ever fear
So don't be bound by the pain and live life like ya dead
Just that crown is blood stained
It's a price on your head
The same spirit that in truth raised Christ from the dead
The same spirit lives in you when you rise from the bed
Wake up homie
Kings that fall to their circumstance ain't us homie
We reign, its time to see what it really was
A bunch of kings and queens is what lives in us


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