Who Sang Reign Is Coming? W.L.A.K.

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Release Date: 2013-3-5
vocal: Swoope, Dre Murray and Christon Gray

Uh, I've been waiting for you to fall
Your love like a hurricane
You've been waiting for me to rise
Getting ready for the reign

Can you stand it? Feel that reign coming
It's gigantic, hear that thing rumbling
So monstrous, bigger than King Kong
You can't stop this everlasting kingdom

Reign coming, tell me can you see it?
Open your eyes and I'll show you where the King is
You need refreshment? I'll show you where the spring is
You in the presence of the reign of Jesus

[Verse 1: Swoope]
Uhh, yeah, these boys make me wanna throw up
They say they kings, but they really need to grow up
They say they Caesar boy, with a robe on their shoulders
But all I see is a boy in an oversized toga
We kings and the Alpha is who chose us
Omega was the cue to turn us huge from iotas
Pigs in the fire but He called us to the coldest
Saved us from the bacon so we go ham on cold cuts
Its so nuts from a ripple to a pond
Started as a drizzle and it grew into a storm
Started as a sizzle and it grew into a fire
I ain't wanna be saliva so I spit the luke warm
Spreading the fame of Christ like its grey poupon
Over the predecessor of your plate's croutons
Weight of the reign of Christ is like taking 2 tons
Multiply it by infinity mayne, the Trinity mayne
Crowns over ponchos, its finna' be reign

[Verse 2: Dre Murray]
Hol' Up!
What you think its a game?
Yeah, you seen I had that cartridge loaded and I'm ready to aim
Ready to flame, dressed in blood like I'm ready to bang
Covered by the Son so I'm ready for rain
E.G. lets get rid of the A for my example
Hope you see clear like a sample and you ready for change
Me and him, we not one in the same
I do more than talk cars on tracks, that's not how I was trained
My tutor be the conductor
The creator of the test, he the instructor
Teaching me so I can instruct her and him
You see they teaching kinda light, yea them boys is dim
See we be the city on the hill
Bellies just waiting to be filled, out for the kill
But this flesh the only thing we murking
Take cover cause this reign is certain, curtains

[Pre-Hook] x2


[Verse 3: Alex Faith]
This about to pour down bringing out the umbrellas
What you think now when you looking at these four fellas
A couple things I think you should be aware of
A king is a slave to the kingdom because it's thereof
What that means is even though we rock a crown
There's dirt under my fingernails, my head stays facing down
A king is a slave partner, what you think we talking bout
A king get popping on the ground, and he don't run his mouth
This is grown man music
Or should I say royal, that's what the crew is (kings)
So foolish on the track we saying bring the reign (pour)
But do you know what that means when you really say it?
Me and the world, speak a different language
Cuz I ain't from here homie, do I have to bang it
Reign now or die later, the choice is yours
And you can die now and live twice, reign forever more
Yea, reigns coming regardless




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