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Wild Willy Barrett

Wildwood Kin

Wild Yaks


UK grime/hip hop artist Richard Cowie, aka Wiley Kat

Wilfran Castillo

Wilfred Le Bouthillier

Wilfrido Vargas


Austrian singer-songwriter and actor

Wilgard Hübschmann

classical guitarist

Wilhelm Brückner-Rüggeberg

German conductor

Wilhelm Tell Me



UK-based DJ

Wilko Johnson

Willa Ford

Will and the People

Willard Grant Conspiracy

Will Butler

Arcade Fire

Will Calhoun

Will Clipman

Will Dailey

Will Downing

American soul, house singer, songwriter and producer

Wille and the Bandits

Wille Crafoord

Willeke Alberti

Willem Barth

Willem Duyn

Willem Vermandere


Will Glahé

Will Haven

Will Hoge


The Black Eyed Peas

William Ackerman


William Albright

American composer, pianist and organist

William Appling

William Baldé

William Bastian


William Beckett

William Bell

William "Billy" Mackel

William Bolcom


William Bonney

William “Cat” Anderson

William Clarke

US blues harmonica player

William Clark Green

William Conley


William Control

William D. Drake

William Deslauriers

William DeVaughn

William Dunker

William Eaton

US folk/new age guitarist & string instrument player

William Elliott Whitmore

William Fitzsimmons

William Galison

William Gray

William Hung

American Idol

William Hut

Norwegian musician , songwriter and singer.

William Inglot

16th–17th century organist/composer

William Jackson

Scottish vocalist & musician

William Joseph

William Lacey

British conductor

William Luna

William Matthews

William Michael Morgan

William Murphy

Religious/worship music

William Nahr

William Neil

organist and harpsichordist

William Orbit

English musician, composer and record producer

William Parker

US free jazz double bassist, multi-instrumentalist, poet & composer

William Pears

French pop band

William Ryan Fritch

William S. Burroughs

William Schuman

William Sharp


William Shatner

William Sheller

William Sperandei

William Tell

William Topley

William Tritt

William Wahl

William Warfield


William Wilde Zeitler

Willians Marques

Willie and the Poor Boys

Willie "Big Eyes" Smith

Willie Bobo

Willie Clayton

Willie Colón

Willie D

Willie Dixon

Willie Hutch

Willie K

Willie Kent

Willie King & The Liberators

Willie Lamothe

Willie Mabon

Willie Max

Willie Mitchell

US soul/R&B & funk producer, trumpeter & singer

Willie Nelson

Willie Nile

Willie P. Bennett

Willie Rosario

Willie Wright

Willis Alan Ramsey

Willis Delony

Willis Earl Beal

Willis Jackson

tenor saxophonist

Willi Williams

Jamaican reggae artist

Will Johnson

American singer-songwriter and musician

Will Knox

Will Lee

US jazz/rock bassist

Will Martin

Will of the Ancients

Will Oldham



Belgian indierock band


Willow Smith


Will Powers

Will & Rainbow

Will Smith

US actor aka The Fresh Prince

Will Sparks

Will Stratton

Will to Power

Will Tura

Belgian singer

Will Varley

Willy Alberti

Willy Astor

Willy Chirino

Willy Crook

Willy Denzey

French R&B and soul singer

Willy DeVille

Willy Mason

Willy Michl

Willy Moon

Will Young

Willy Porter

Willy Schwarz

Willy Sommers

Flemish singer

Willy William

French DJ, producer & singer

Wil Maring

Wilmer X

Wil Seabrook




Detroit hard rock band

Wilson das Neves

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