Who Sang Ah!? Wacky Kids

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length: 4:48

Maybe It's less than I can think
And more than I could do
It'ds hard to realize
When It's so near It's not a lie
Distance hurts and makes me grow up
Reminds me the words you wrote right in my heart
Once I heard what I bring until this time
They said it's not aloud
What can we do now?
This felling is hidden
right behind Your eyes
And I've been choosen to find out
I had reasons to not die
All I do this days is cry
Cause you left me far behind
But I'll meet you another time.

  • 1 E. L. M. O.
  • 2 I Never Fell in Love
  • 3 Wasted Time
  • 4 Peter's Problem
  • 5 Allright
  • 6 Let It Go
  • 7 Horn Meek
  • 8 Lesson of Love
  • 9 Independent
  • 10 Acho Que Não Sei
  • 11 Snow Bomb
  • 12 So Scared
  • 13 Goodbye / Wrong
  • 14 Don't Talk to Strangers
  • 15 Ah!