Who Sang Resurrection? Wade Bowen

Release information
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Rock
Style: Country Rock
length: 3:52
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I’ve died a thousand times since you left me
Stared down the barrel of a thousand loaded guns
There’s a midnight ride on a fast train headed somewhere
I’ll be born again with the rising of the sun
Resurrection, Resurrection
I woke with dawn washing over Memphis
Seeing through the eyes of a newborn child
I know you always hated Elvis
So I think I might just stay here for awhile
Resurrection, Resurrection, Resurrection
Cheap perfume and cheaper whiskey
She gave me a wink as she yelled out last call
And when the parking lot was empty
We made love in a bathroom stall (yeah, we did)
Oh Resurrection, Resurrection, Resurrection Yeah
So I hope this postcard finds you lonely
I hope you’re as lost when I was when you left me
By the way I guess I should probably thank you
Cause a broken heart is the only way to be set free
Yeah Yeah
Resurrection, Resurrection, Resurrection
Yeah, Yeah
Resurrection, Resurrection

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