Who Sang New Vibration? Waldo’s People

Waldo’s People Paranoid cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-2-4
Genre: Electronic
Style: Euro House
length: 3:08
This is the life that you chose for yourself
Solitary is your absolution
You left me stranded with no intention
I´m on my feet again on my own foundation (coming back coming back)

Everybody feel the new vibration (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
It´s stronger everyday you choose your emotions (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) (2x)

Now everybody´s after some kind of wealth (for yourself for your healt)
Honesty and love is your solution (your absolution)
Touch the screen and see your own salvation (coming back coming back get on track)
Now look inside to find your own foundation (your absolution)


It´s a new vibration (4x)

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

CD 1
  • 1 See the Light
  • 2 Lose Control
  • 3 New Vibration
  • 4 Dangerous
  • 5 Ride the Tide
  • 6 World Empire
  • 7 Paranoid
  • 8 Fallen Angel
  • 9 Life
  • 10 I'll Be Waiting
  • 11 Emperor's Dawn (2009 edit)
  • 12 Back Again (2009 edit)