Who Sang Groundhog Day? Wale

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Release Date: 2016-12-3
length: 3:16
I know since I got my deal and **** got real
I ain't been the easiest ***** to deal with
I'm heavily flawed!
But far from a false Prophet
I'm a mu****ing honorable Folarin
Cassius, Muhammad, McGregor, Conor of these rap artists
Why you talking?
Mu****ing Groundhog's Day

The most highly underrated of my generation
Behind them crooked smiles *****s neglect to embrace me
Respect is in order now
My liquor is more to y'all
You throwing them little shots, we catching some cases
Lot of *****s hate to love me or they love to hate me
Labeled as reckless and crazy by my record label
Doctors say it's bipolar disorder, he diagnosing me wrong
It's obviously depressing counting blue faces
Hey, here go that real ****
Battling anxiety and privately them Percocets
Purchased like 30 of them, murdered them in like 30 hours
Weight of the world on my shoulders I bet I military press
I remember me and Cole would open for Hov
Everyday a star is born, I guess I died in the womb
I ain't make it on Blueprint, so made me a blueprint
You got you a nice watch, my minutes was finished
I was lost at Interscope
Contemplating on copping a block from Benning Road
Thoughts of suicide 'cause who gon' want you alive
When *****s you used to ride with cry with all that high ****
Talking down in they interviews
I ain't forget that Scott
Only difference is I didn't get no sympathy calls to get back up
I just heard a song about me on a hip-hop blog from a kid I know
Some *****s say a hiphop God
It hit home 'cause there's some truth, this I know
This ace I go, I get psycho when **** get dark
Boy when **** get dark
Like Laurene Powell I've gotten married to a job
I drop my jewels, spit my bars, I get mine off, I be pissed off
Should get more props but still I
Pimp hard, drink hard liquor to forget my thoughts
Push 3 buttons I make the joint spin, Balrog (hey)
Hoes say I'm the realest
Most hated on Twitter
Not to 'cause a situation but what side of my biracial friends call me they *****?
Forget it
I'm jih tripping
But my skin is made of chocolate, a copper's bullets is diabetic
My mind busy, I'm sad daily though I deal with it
My therapist terrible, I'm a terp in mellow trembling
Real subtle though
Tell them *****s SHINE coming, they in trouble though
I love my brother though
I love my brother though
That's why it's rest in peace to Tommy we still bumping Cole

And they say
For as the sun shines on candle mass day
So far will the snow swirl until May
For as the snow blows on candle mass day
So far will the sun shine before May
Now in layman's terms that means
All you naysaying, instigating, player hating
*****s be safe though
I'm on my way to Raleigh so grateful for that inspiration
I'll see you at the game bro

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