Triumph Lyrics - Wale

Wale Attention Deficit cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-11-10
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Pop Rap
length: 2:25
Ladies and gentlemen
I ain't tryin to be politically correct
But I won't rest 'til I'm givin' my respect
And my vision isn't set on the money I get
But more less the vets, I'm comin' for y'all neck
I ain't ?, just feelin' how you felt when you came more or less
The change is imminent
I asked Mr. West for a little bit of help
Realized us new *****s got to get it ourself
So I dreamed of presentin' myself
And the only thing I fear is I being shelved
The cocky, lobbyist for nobody
Book so many *****es should of been a Cum Laude
**** the camaraderie with B rate artists
I'm ballin', you *****s is Arliss, so watch this
Always knew where the pot was
With no receivers had the pickin' of a option
Tommie Frazier on the **********in' one or two's
Or Michael Vick if y'all bark *****, y'all through

Yeah, 25, 25, 25, can I get 30?
My side Jones is fat and my freak Jones is purdy
Why? 'Cause I Mac like (Bernie)
And she swallow everything like (Kirby)
Not Puckett but I hit it then I duck a *****
And older women put a ***** on their Bucket List
Me against you, the movie of the year
'Cause you (Slumdog) and I'm the (Millionaire)
Their buzz internet and mines internat-
Ional, wearin' that, Chanel fitted cap
I know they suck, I'm just showin you where my city at
Where fiends always on that water like a lily pad
But since Mark put a ***** on that Lily track
I had the British hoes talkin 'bout bring him back
But that's a shitty accent, you should've figured that
'Cause I've been drinkin' to the point that I'm a Dizzie Ra-
Scal, fix up, look sharp Joe
'Cause I'm a look that part until I'm all broke, yeah

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