Curiosity Lyrics - Waltari

Release information
Release Date: 1991
length: 5:44
lyricist: Kärtsy Hatakka
I force myself throught be fore it's too Late
These thoughts are weird, too selfish and ugly
But increase my life power, gotta prove that I'm something

Child again
I feel I'm bore again
Wave the flag
I feel so free again

(Once) I tried to escape the rain of my pain
I was realy insane, didn't love what I created
But then lightning struck me and I awoke to a new morning
I returned to the sand
I returned to the cradle

Curiosity - please, make a man of me!
Hold the line - let's make this music free
Curiosity - get a hold of me!
Wave the flag to keep this music free!

It's so useless to flee the cradle
As a child you used to know what you were able
An'now you just follow your empty shadow
Better hold the line
Better hold the line of life!

Curiosity - please make a man of me!
Hold the line - let's keep this music free
With our curiosity!

Wave the flag
Hold the line...

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