Who Sang Day Dreaming? Wanda Jackson

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Writer(s): Brian Kennedy Seals, Ryan Buendia, Jean Baptiste Kouame, Michael Ojike Mchenry, Melissa Lauren Young, Alain Gordon Whyte
length: 3:06
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You're the sweetest daydream that I've ever known
I keep you on my mind the whole day thought
If I can't hold you in my arms I'll hold you in my heart
Until that lovely daydream can come true
Day dreamin' with you on my mind thinking bout you waitin' for the time
When my arms can hold you and I'll make you mine just day dreamin' all the time
[ guitar ]
I gazed into my daydream a picture came to me
No scene with color splendor could compare
But I would nestle in your arms a baby on the floor
Sweet music from heaven fill the air
Day dreamin' with you on my mind...